Mont Blanc, Switzerland

Adventure Travel in Europe: 4 Adventures of a Lifetime

Adventure travel in Europe is an opportunity to find out who you are by experiencing novelties. I don’t mean the kind of novelties that serve no earthly purpose, like sticky goop in plastic containers. I mean new, original, or unusual travel that tests your mettle (like scotch tape holding your

Himeji Castle with Cherry Blossoms in Japan, Photo by Miya M, color correction by Gorgo, Level-Adjusted by Quasipalm

The Wonders of Asia: Asia’s Must See Treasures

Asia is home to some of the most resplendent architectural treasures on earth.  So, where should you begin in taking in these wonders of Asia with so many worthy (modern and ancient) marvels from which to choose? In truth, it’s a wrenching decision, with each promising a superb adventure.  But

Wushan Yangtze River Bridge by Jun Wei Fan (Flickr)

The Ultimate in River Rafting Trips: The Yangtze River

West China provides travelers with one of the world’s best river rafting trips (pictured above is The Wushan Yangtze River Bridge by Jun Wei Fan). In fact, rafting on the mighty Yangtze River is by far the most popular water activity among adventure-sports lovers. If your idea of adventure involves

The Best Way to Reach the Top of Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, located in the fascinating country of Tanzania is known to be one of the seven summits. It is the highest peak among the seven continents and the top of Mount Kilimanjaro has an elevation that ranges as high as 6,447 yards. What makes it unique from the rest

Mount Torq, Borneo

A Mount Kinabalu Climb: Find Your Inner Daredevil with

Climbing the Highest Via Ferrata in Mount Kinabalu, Borneo Nothing calls out your inner daredevil like mountain climbing. As T.S. Eliot said, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” That goes doubly for a Mount Kinabalu climb. With more than

Temple Golden Pattaya Thailand Travel Buddha

Asia Adventures You Won’t Want to Miss

This new year, join me in making one of your new year’s resolutions be to overcome fear. There are so many of us that limit ourselves and our possibilities just because we’re afraid of the what-ifs in life. This year, let’s work on crushing that. The Asia adventures that follow

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Asian Adventures: 3 Top Travel Choices

Craving Asian adventures that will test your mettle on your next trip, but are afraid

Icy Bay & Mt. St. Elias by Neal Herbert (Flickr)

North American Travel: The Top 15 Spots for Adventure

This article has been written for those of you who are explorers or would-be adventurers

Pulau Payar - Langkawi by Katja Hasselkus (Flickr)

Langkawi Attractions: One Beautiful Island Vacation

Pulau Langkawi is one of the most beautiful and striking islands that I’ve ever seen.