Top 3 Adventures in Asia

Top 3 Adventures in Asia

Craving some adventure but are afraid to go for one? Remember that fear is temporary, and regret is forever. Overcome your fear by engaging in some of Asia’s out-of-this-world adventures listed below to experience a feeling like no other.

1.  Dive in and explore spectacular WW2 shipwrecks! – Shipwreck diving in Coron Bay, Philippines

The Philippines has some of the world’s top-class diving destinations – from Tubbataha Reefs to Malapascua Island for magical Thresher shark encounters, the country has a lot to offer to aquatic thrill seekers. However, one destination that must be explored by every diver when in the Philippines is the spectacular shipwrecks in Coron Bay.

Coron Island is situated in the north of Palawan, which lies in the southwest region of Manila. The island provides ample opportunities to experience marine life: from the best dive spots in the world like the Cathedral Cave and Barracuda Lake to the most popular shipwreck diving, that attracts underwater filmmakers and divers from around the globe. 

Coron Bay Shipwreck

The eight shipwrecks around Coron Bay, left behind from World War 2, are still preserved in great condition and rest at depths perfect for recreational wreck diving. Each wreck holds distinctive characteristics and is packed with interesting artifacts. The exterior of the shipwrecks is covered with dense coral growth, boasting several species of fish life, including giant rays, schools of scorpion fish, puffer fish, and barracuda among many others. Take a glimpse into the ancient cabins from the rows of portholes lining the hull of the ships, to add a bit of flavor to your diving experience.

If you have a passion of penetrating deeper into the wrecks, then know that Coron is the ultimate spot for you! With a knowledgeable guide at your disposal, you can make the most of this adventure. Guides thoroughly know the inside architecture of these wrecks and can guide your way through passageways pointing out notable items like ammunition boxes, crane winches, guns, bulldozers and more. If you penetrate deeper down, there is a chance you may spot massive boilers in the engine rooms, and kitchen remains of pots and pans. The Coron wrecks can be explored all year round, with better visibility in the dry season – from December to June.


With a boat ride of 15-30 minutes to Coron, Sangat Island is a great spot to enjoy a relaxed stay. The Sangat Island Resort boasts a range of bungalows scattered along the shore, providing magnificent views of the ocean.

Tip – Invest in a good underwater camera to capture your magical experience, and if possible, carry a full-length diving suit with you to protect yourself from the sharp surfaces of the wrecks.

2. See Java’s majestic volcanoes up close! – Volcano Trekking in East Java

Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia

Java in Indonesia has lot to offer to the lost traveler. Being a relatively small island, Java features many active volcanoes – Galunggung and Papandayan in West Java, Merapi in Central Java, and the Bromo, Tengger caldera, Ijen and Semeru volcanoes in East Java. Today, the land you walk upon in Java has been created over the years as a result of endless mud, lava flows, and ash deposits from these volcanoes.

Topping the list of ‘must see’ volcanoes are those situated in East Java – the region’s breathtaking landscapes will leave you awestruck and wanting to explore more. Although, trekking up the volcanoes involves strenuous exercise and is not suitable for an amateur adventure-seeker, the end result of it is definitely worth the effort!

Merapi Mountain Volcano, West Java

Most of the trekking tours arranged in East Java begins with a journey to Mount Semeru summit –  a walk for a few hours will lead you to the crater’s rim where, if you reach early enough, you’ll be able to take in breathtaking views of the majestic sunrise. An open jeep ride of about an hour or two into Tengger caldera will leave you to enjoy the dramatic landscapes of steep cliffs and deep valleys. Take a stroll down in the exotic Tenggerese villages before taking a trek up Mount Bromo, for an endless view of mesmerizing, scenic surroundings.

The highlight of this ‘on foot’ adventure will be a trek to the top of Mount Ijen. This trek is not an easy one, because of dirt-packed pathways, but promises every traveler an experience they’ve never lived before. Explore Kawah Ijen, the world’s largest acidic crater lake, famous for its distinctive turquoise colour.

Kawah Ijen Volcano by Dany13

With the help of your guide, you can also learn about the medieval-style sulphur mining operations taking place in Sulfatara corner of the lake, adding to the magical experience.


There is absolutely no need for you to worry about the accommodation on this trekking adventure. In most cases, the tour company you have signed up for will arrange your ‘stay and rest’ options leaving you stress-free and relaxed.

3. Enjoy an adventure vacation on some of the world’s majestic desert islands – Desert Island Experience in Indonesia and The Philippines

Gambolo Island, Philippines

Remote desert islands are spread all around the world, these majestic spots are a perfect getaway to engage in some adventure and create the most beautiful memories with your loved ones.

With professional guidance, housing, and necessities at your disposal, you will live to face intense experiences that will shape your adventurous, survival vacation on these breathtaking desert islands.

One such destination is the majestic island of Gambolo in Indonesia. Beautifully lined with rustic cottages and tents as shelters for an overnight stay, Gambolo island offers mesmerizing views and so much more to the island’s adventure seekers. With basic food and a 24-hours guide by your side, this Indonesian desert island is a great place to face the ultimate survival experience under the supervision of professional guides. Gambolo can be visited all year round, offering the best experiences from September to June.

On the other end of the spectrum is Tazi Island in the Philippines. If your idea of adventure involves an extra bit of spice, then the beautiful Tazi Island promises a relaxing, yet challenging holiday, with idyllic surroundings, stay in a small, modern house, and survive with professional guidance. Tazi Island offers some of the best experiences for adventure-lover seekers. You can cook your own food in true survivor style or if you don’t want to rough it, hire a cook to serve up some delectable foods on this coastal wonder. To make the most of your experience, travelers can visit this place anytime between January and March.

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