Wushan Yangtze River Bridge by Jun Wei Fan (Flickr)

Raft Your Way Under Heaven on the Yangtze River

Raft Your Way Under Heaven on the Yangtze River

West China provides travelers with out of the world rafting adventure opportunities in the whole of China (pictured above is The Wushan Yangtze River Bridge by Jun Wei Fan). However, the rafting adventure along the mighty Yangtze River is by far the most popular water activity among adventure-sports lovers.

If your idea of adventure involves high risk, then white water rafting along the Yangtze River promises a fun, yet epic adventure, with movement through some challenging twists and turns. Rafting, even for only an afternoon, allows paddling past majestic terraced fields, glimpses of ancient stone villages, and extraordinary views of surrounding towering mountains, mystifying this extraordinary experience.

Three Gorges of The Yangtze

Some of the gorges here are twice the depth of Grand Canyon and although the Yangtze river is much narrower than many rivers, the flow has twice the power. The Tiger Leaping Gorge (below) has so much power that one avoids it and starts the rafting adventure below it.

The Tiger Leaping Gorge

The Class III – V rapids makes it highly unsuitable for beginners to opt for rafting here, as this can pose great safety hazards. However, experienced intermediate to advanced rafters will have a great, challenging time.

To experience thrills of a lifetime, rafters can choose to go for the adventure from February to March and from August to October.

Important Tips

One safety tip would be to hold the paddle properly. Many people get this wrong, and this can be a great safety concern. So, do consult your professional guide for the right technique. Yunnan Adventure Travel gets top marks and offers rafting tours from one to 11 days.

Also, it’s always great to carry sunscreen and a pair of UV protected sunglasses, on a clear sunny day to protect yourself from severe sunburn.

A Placid Yangtze River
The Three Gorges of The Yangtze River
The Three Gorges of The Yangtze River

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