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High-Tech Fiber Socks Allow You to Play Sports Without Shoes

High-Tech Fiber Socks Allow You to Play Sports Without Shoes

So much progress has been made in our age of modern technology.  We have flying drones, tablets, smart phones, smart homes, and medical technology that we never dreamed was possible.  What about those of us who like walking around barefoot or in our socks- not because we’re lazy, but because we like the feel of the ground beneath our feet?  Perhaps you are one of those runners who has wanted to feel the earth more immediately while running or an athlete who would like to enjoy sports such as river rafting, sailing, and climbing without being encumbered by your shoes? Well, great news, the opportunity to do just that has finally arrived (it’s about time)! 

Jumping for Barefoot Joy

A Swiss company, the Barefoot Company, has created a “space age” sock using a high-tech fiber trademarked as DyneemaTM that has a tensile strength fifteen times stronger than steel. That’s right, steel!  This sock, called The Free Your Feet (or FYFTM), is designed with individuated toe areas and protects your feet like a shoe, despite being thin and flexible.  Accordingly, you can wear it in athletic contexts or just around town- whatever floats your boat.  These socks can deliver the experience of being more directly in contact with the ground than any experience to be delivered by shoes.

Barefoot Company promises that its FYFTM socks have high-tear resistance as well as abrasion resistance, a soft and high comfort feel, thermal conduction of heat away from your feet, water-repelling surfaces that dry quickly, UV protection, full flexibility, and excellent grip. They’re also easy to clean up in the washer. They currently sell in “High Tide” (reaching above the ankles) and “Low Tide” (up to the base of the ankles) models for $80 per pair. You can check them out at the Barefoot Company’s website.

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