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Health & Wellness

WaterRower Rowing Simulator by Waterrower (Wikimedia)

How to Choose the Best Indoor Rowing Machine for Your Home or Office

Indoor rowing machines can be a great way to give your arms, legs, abdominal core, gluteus maximus, and back an exceptional workout.  There are four principal types of rowing machines and each has its pros and its cons.  In this article, I will endeavor to help provide you with the

FYF Socks

High-Tech Fiber Socks Allow You to Play Sports Without Shoes

So much progress has been made in our age of modern technology.  We have flying drones, tablets, smart phones, smart homes, and medical technology that we never dreamed was possible.  What about those of us who like walking around barefoot or in our socks- not because we’re lazy, but because

Blackberries - Yum!

Tasty and Healthy Snacks That You Won’t Regret

While there are countless snacks from which to choose, all too many choices are loaded up with sugar, fat, and cholesterol.  Why they may taste great when you have them, you (or your body) may come to regret the quick gratification later from a health standpoint.  However, there is no

AIO Smart Sleeve (Image from

Hot Tech Wearables That Aren’t Smartwatches (Part 2)

Today, with everything going on, it can be difficult to make sure we’re treating our bodies well. Sure, we try to eat healthily, workout at least 30 minutes a day, and get the requisite sleep, but how well are we really doing? Thanks to the three tech wearables that follow, we can get the answers we need to stay healthy.

Endspiel der Damen beim International Masters 2002 by Michael Goth (Wikimedia)

3 More Interesting Sports of Which You’ve Never Heard

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new and interesting sports /games to try out. After all, that’s what keeps it interesting. Below, I’ll discuss three additional sports/games (as a follow up to my prior article on the subject) that will provide for some fun and interesting experiences that

Powerbocking Girl by Josef Ženčák

3 Interesting Sports You Probably Don’t Know About

Many people prefer football, tennis, badminton, hockey, and such. However, there are actually lots of interesting sports that aren’t quite so popular. You may never think of catching fish with your bare hands or throwing delicious pudding miles away as sports (see part 2), but those interesting and unique sports

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Greek Citrus Chicken

Great and Gluten-Free: Greek Citrus Chicken

Just because you can’t have gluten doesn’t mean your dinner has to be bland and

Crispy Chicken by Phuketphotographernet

Great and Gluten-Free: Chinese Crispy Tea-Smoked Chicken

Chinese Crispy Tea-Smoked Chicken This one is a nuance on an old classic dish.  Crispy

Top Healthy and Delicious Teas for Every Occasion

From the days of Tea Master Sen no Rikyū to present, tea has been revered