Banana Pomegranate Bread

If you’re looking for a tinge of the exotic in a great-tasting classic dessert dish, look no further.  The following for banana pomegranate bread is always a smashing success (so yummy!).  Plus the pomegranate arils (photo above by Amelia Crook) are high in vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, so youRead More →

Mutabbaq by AhmadElq

“Mutabbaq”, or “Murtabak” (which means “folded” in Arabic because it is a feast of stuffed bread folded around meat), is believed by many to have originated with Indians living in Yemen.  The Republic of Yemen had a sizable Indian population at the time and the recipe is believed to haveRead More →

Reshmi Kebab by Biswarup Ganguly

If you want to treat yourself to a sensational, exotic feast, then this recipe for reshmi chicken kebabs is for you.  With a name that roughly translates to “silken kebab” given the tenderness of the meat following extensive marination and limited braising, the reshmi kebab (photo by Biswarup Ganguly) isRead More →