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What’s the Best Way to Moisturize?

The no. 1 problem with regular moisturizers is that many of them contain unnatural and toxic ingredients. Most of these ingredients are known human carcinogens, so finding organic moisturizers is a must in trying to avoid serious health problems like cancer. But just because you’re going organic doesn’t mean you

2 Genius Beauty Tools that Make Your Life Better

When it comes to our beauty and health routines, tools that are tried and true are key (Benefit, don’t ever eliminate your Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer or I’ll be lost!). But every now and then, we all wonder: is there a better/easier way to do this? Well, when it comes to

FYF Socks

High-Tech Fiber Socks Allow You to Play Sports Without Shoes

So much progress has been made in our age of modern technology.  We have flying drones, tablets, smart phones, smart homes, and medical technology that we never dreamed was possible.  What about those of us who like walking around barefoot or in our socks- not because we’re lazy, but because

Quiz: Which Brand of Clothing Are You?

These days everyone’s got style. The real question is, which brand of clothing are you? Take this fun quiz to find out & learn something new about yourself!

AIO Smart Sleeve (Image from

Hot Tech Wearables That Aren’t Smartwatches (Part 2)

Today, with everything going on, it can be difficult to make sure we’re treating our bodies well. Sure, we try to eat healthily, workout at least 30 minutes a day, and get the requisite sleep, but how well are we really doing? Thanks to the three tech wearables that follow, we can get the answers we need to stay healthy.

Dennis Jarvis' Ironman

Hot Tech Wearables That Aren’t Smartwatches

Smart watches aren’t the only hot pieces of tech wearables nowadays. As much as I wish there were, there aren’t any functional Iron Man suits yet for an affordable price (I checked!)(Photo: Iron Man by Dennis Jarvis), but there are other on-point pieces that won’t break the bank. The following smart