Mutabbaq by AhmadElq

“Mutabbaq”, or “Murtabak” (which means “folded” in Arabic because it is a feast of stuffed bread folded around meat), is believed by many to have originated with Indians living in Yemen.  The Republic of Yemen had a sizable Indian population at the time and the recipe is believed to haveRead More →

Reshmi Kebab by Biswarup Ganguly

If you want to treat yourself to a sensational, exotic feast, then this recipe for reshmi chicken kebabs is for you.  With a name that roughly translates to “silken kebab” given the tenderness of the meat following extensive marination and limited braising, the reshmi kebab (photo by Biswarup Ganguly) isRead More →

Dennis Jarvis' Ironman

Smart watches aren’t the only hot pieces of tech wearables nowadays. As much as I wish there were, there aren’t any functional Iron Man suits yet for an affordable price (I checked!)(Photo: Iron Man by Dennis Jarvis), but there are other on-point pieces that won’t break the bank. The following smartRead More →

Icy Bay & Mt. St. Elias by Neal Herbert (Flickr)

This article has been written for those of you who are explorers or would-be adventurers who are looking for the very best North American travel adventure experiences.  If you complete even part of the recommended journeys on this list, you will have stories and experiences that will last a lifetime.Read More →

Pulau Payar - Langkawi by Katja Hasselkus (Flickr)

Pulau Langkawi is one of the most beautiful and striking islands that I’ve ever seen. I’ve been there three times now and I would recommend it without hesitation. What I always enjoy about the island is that Langkawi attractions and activities aren’t only restricted to sandy beaches, parasailing, and jetRead More →