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Asia Adventures You Won’t Want to Miss

Asia Adventures You Won’t Want to Miss

This new year, join me in making one of your new year’s resolutions be to overcome fear. There are so many of us that limit ourselves and our possibilities just because we’re afraid of the what-ifs in life. This year, let’s work on crushing that. The Asia adventures that follow are guaranteed to get your heart-pumping (in a good way) and give you that extra boost of confidence. Let’s swagger together!

Sandboarding in Mui Ne, VietnamFilled with sandy Asia adventures!

When it comes to sandboarding, there is nowhere quite like Mui Ne, Vietnam. Located in the southern province of Binh Thuan, the Red and White Dunes are the major sandy attraction in Mui Ne and has been ranked among the best sandboarding destinations in the world!

The sand dunes of Mui Ne look nothing less than majestic, providing a great opportunity to experience scenic Asia adventures like no other: from the vast sand dunes offering exciting sandboard rides to the spectacular change in shape of the dunes attracting professional photographers and artists from every part of the globe. Among the two, a real favorite of travelers and locals is the White Dunes. Located right next to the calming sea, ‘sandboarders’ can take a break from their adventure, and listen to soothing music while gazing out into the sea.

To catch a glimpse of the magical sunrise, and enjoy sandboarding on cool sand, it’s ideal to visit the sand dunes from 5:00 – 8:00 in the morning.


Sandunes Beach Resort & Spa offers romantic beachfront rooms in a modern, elegantly crafted design. All rooms include a private balcony providing fantastic views of the surrounding lush green gardens or the calming blue sea.

Important Tips

You surely cannot trust the strong winds in the sand dunes, so one great tip to protect your eyes from sand would be to carry a pair of sunglasses with you. And yes, do yourself a favor and don’t wear your favorite or expensive shoes on this sandy adventure!!

2. Adventure lover’s paradise – Jungle trek and hill tribe home stay adventure in Northern Thailand

Jungle Trekking Northern Thailand by Eric Molina (Flickr)
Jungle Trekking Northern Thailand by Eric Molina (Flickr)

Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand offers lost travelers the best experience of an authentic village life. Northern Thailand is intensely mountainous with a tropical climate, peppered with unique hill tribe occupations adding color to the trove of Asia adventures to be experienced there.

Trek your way along vast, lush green fields and winding jungle tracks, and get a glimpse of what life is like for the many villagers who have made this remote region their home. As you hike through the region, take every opportunity to befriend welcoming tribespeople – the region boasts a variety of hill tribes, grab a chance and learn about their distinctive dressing style, religion and language, to add a bit of flavor to your magical experience.


Stay overnight in bamboo stilt houses before surrendering to the warm atmosphere and comforting food for a truly unforgettable experience.

Important Tip

Treks on the trip can be moderately difficult, so it is important to maintain high-fitness levels to make the most of this adventure. Also, carry your trek bag and any other personal items you might need on this adventure.

3. Experience real life version of ‘Angry Birds’ – Human slingshot in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is one city that offers travelers of all ages some of the most thrilling and exciting rides in the whole of Asia. If you’re a passionate seeker of extreme activities and sports, then the Human slingshot is the ultimate adrenalin- pumping activity you need to try at least once when in Pattaya.

The Human Slingshot at Sanook Park Pattaya, tops the fantasy list of Asia adventures for being the only slingshot experience in Asia. Feel your heart skip a beat as you experience the 66-yard shot high up into the air, catapulting at a speed of 93 mph in just a few seconds! You will be flying aimlessly a few meters above the ground, zipping back and forth, before making a stop on the ground.  Usually, included with the costs of the activity is an HD video of your ride to show everyone back home your memorable experience. 

To satisfy your appetite for this adventure, you will absolutely need no previous experience. Professional instructors will always be present to guide you on safety measures and give you that extra boost of morale to shun your fear!

Important Tip

Avoid having a big, heavy meal before the activity as there is a high chance that you might feel like ‘throwing up’ mid-air. You don’t want that caught on tape!

Photo by Pattayabungy
Photo by Pattayabungy

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and if you are interesting in learning about additional Asia adventures, we have additional ideas for you.

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